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Evoqua Water Technologies Second Cartridge W3T198639

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Evoqua Water Technologies Second Cartridge W3T198639
Evoqua Water Technologies Second Cartridge W3T198639
PART NO. 4AJ-9914506

Deionisers, SG stainless steel (V4A)
The high quality 1.4404 stainless steel deionizers can be operated at pressures of up to 10 bar and are more resistant to mechanical stress than conventional glass fiber reinforced plastic cartridges. Evoqua has optimized the water flow to ensure that the resin bed can be used to its full capacity. All deionizers are available with the proven stainless steel quick-fit couplers (SK) or with 3/4inch threaded connectors. All deionizers are supplied without conductivity meter and hose set (or probe).
Please order these devices separately.

Product Specification:
Product Type: Spare cartridge for SG 4500 3/4inch
Output: 1000 L / hr.
Diam.: 230mm
Height: 785mm
Weight: 33 kg

ManufacturerEvoqua Water Technologies
Manufacturer P/nW3T198639
Fisher Ref1055.0250
VWR Ref172-6114
ForSG 4500 3/4"
Ø mm230
Output L / hr.1000
Height mm785
Weight kg33
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Cartridges for deionisers

Thermo Fisher:1055.0250
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