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Behr Filter Insert AF 130 B00223563

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Behr Filter Insert AF 130 B00223563
Behr Filter Insert AF 130 B00223563
PART NO. 4AJ-9915738
Price: €35.00

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Filter for behropur® mixed-bed ion exchanger
Filter for pressure-resistant behropur® mixed-bed ion exchangers. Transparent casing. Once added to the ion exchanger, it completely retains even the finest particles and protects your high-quality equipment. Due to the transparent casing of the FG 130, you can see the state of the filter insert at any time and at a glance.
Depending on the requirements, you can use a universal filter (5µ) or a carbon filter (20µ). Downstream filters may only be used on pressure-resistant behropur® ion exchangers. Pressure-free exchangers are destroyed by the counter pressure. It could also subsequently result in expensive damage.

FG 130 behropur® filter housing for filter inserts with a length of 5inch. Transparent casing made of PP. Connections 3/4inch, maximum operating pressure 8bar, max. temp. 50°C

FE 130 behropur® filter insert, PP, 5µ, length 5inch, max. pressure 6bar, max. temp. 80°C

AF 130 behropur® filter insert, carbon, 20, length 5inch, max. pressure 6bar, max. temp. 50°C

Product Specification:
Product Type: AF 130

Manufacturer P/nB00223563
TypeAF 130
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