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Aqualytic CSB/COD Thermoreactor AL125 418940

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Aqualytic CSB/COD Thermoreactor AL125 418940
Aqualytic CSB/COD Thermoreactor AL125 418940
PART NO. 4AJ-9920204
Price: €926.10

For 24 cuvette tests





Photometer system AL450
With Dual Beam Technology. The AL450 is a modern, microprocessor-controlled photometer with ergonomically designed keypad and large-format graphic display. It is equipped with a wide range of pre-programmed methods (e.g. ammonia, COD, phosphate) based on the proven range of Aqualytic® tablet reagents, liquid reagents, vial tests and powder reagents. The calibration and software-supported control options mean that the unit is also suitable for use as a testing instrument. The seven standard rechargeable batteries (supplied) ensure easy mobile use.
-wide range of pre-programmed methods
-large, graphics display
-RS232 interface
-suitable for use with standard rechargeable batteries
-updates for new methods and languages via the Internet
-1000 data set memory
-custom method recall is also possible

Comprises: AL450, ready-to-use incl. 7 x rechargeable batteries and battery charger for 100 - 240V, 3 each 24mm and 16mm cuvettes, 16mm cuvette adapter, 3 x syringes, 1 x 100ml plastic beaker and case with waterproof insert. Without reagents and without battery (please order separately).

Verification Standard Kit: The verification standard kit for the AL450 is designed to reassure the user about the accuracy and the reliability of the results. The shelf life of the standard kit is two years from the date of production, provided that storage and use are in accordance with the instructions provided. Measurements are taken in mAbs.
Dual-Beam Technology, High-quality Interference Filters
Measuring time: approx. 10 seconds
Power supply: 7 Ni-MH-battery pack (1.5V AA), charged in the unit using external power pack
Dimensions (HxWxD): 70mm x 265mm x 195mm
Ambient operating conditions: up to max 90% humidity (non condensing), approx. 5 to 40°C
Approval: CE
Wavelengths: 430/ 530/ 560/ 580/ 610/ 660nm

Product Specification:
Product Type: CSB reactor AL125
Description: with 24 apertures

Manufacturer P/n2418940
TypeCSB reactor RD 125
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Brand Graduated Test Tubes DURAN 114521
PART NO. 4AJ-9190521
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