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Behr COD Workplaces Max 12 Samples B00218408

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Behr COD Workplaces Max 12 Samples B00218408
Behr COD Workplaces Max 12 Samples B00218408
PART NO. 4AJ-9920543
Ships in approx.3 weeks

COD workstations, PB-CSB/M
For COD determination. Complete workstations for simultaneous determination of maximum 6 or 12 samples in acc. with ISO, DIN etc. Manual metering and titration.
A workstation consists of the following components
-TRS 300 Microprocessor-controlled time and temperature control unit with COD program
-CSB/E Precision heating block for RG 2 reaction vessels
-E/B Insert and yoke type frame for RG 2 reaction vessels
-KW/N Cooling trough with holder and stands for E/B
-SM 12/N Series magnetic stirrer for E 12/B insert/yoke type frame (only for PB-CSB 12/M)
-RG 2 Reaction vessels
-MRST 2 Magnetic stirrer rod set , 12 rods
-SIST 100 Boiling stones , contents 100 g
-LK1 COD Air coolers
-LS Air cooler stand for LK COD air coolers
-PTFE 29 PTFE Collars for LK 1, set of 12 collars
-TS COD Transport stands for E/B insert/yoke type frame
-HTI 1 Manual titration station

Product Specification:
Product Type: PB-CSB 12/M

Manufacturer P/nB00218408
Fisher Ref3392970
VWR Ref705-0030
TypePB-CSB 12/M
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Thermo Fisher:3392970
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