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Behr DET Supplementary Set DGL B00218115

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Behr DET Supplementary Set DGL B00218115
Behr DET Supplementary Set DGL B00218115
PART NO. 4AJ-9920553

ToTal cyanide

Universal analysis system, DET, behrotest®
The behrotest® DET universal analysis system is a cost effective alternative for distillation, digestion and extraction in laboratories with changing applications. It can be used, for example, in cyanide determination, extraction and many other investigations in water and food analysis.
The base unit of the DET system consists of a heating block thermostat with 5 aperture holes for reaction vessels with a diameter of 65mm. The heating blocks have a heating range of 20 to 300°C. The base unit also has a cold water distributor and a temperature / time controller.
Application-specific, supplementary sets with the necessary glassware, gas distributors, etc. enable you to put together complete workstations for various applications based on this unit.
CN 6:
Decomposing- and cutting off apparature CN 6 for appointment of whole cyanid in maximal 6 samples at the same time

Product Specification:
Product Type: DGC
Description: DET supplementary set, total cyanide

Manufacturer P/nB00218115
Fisher Ref3392948
VWR Ref705-0024
Thermo Fisher:3392948
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