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Behr Heating Block Thermostate CSB 6/E B00217822

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Behr Heating Block Thermostate CSB 6/E B00217822
Behr Heating Block Thermostate CSB 6/E B00217822
PART NO. 4AJ-9920721
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behr COD Heating Blocks
COD acc. to ISO Precision heating blocks with 6, 12 or 24 sample positions. Flat surface heater for even temperature distribution to each sample position. Stainless steel and powder coated steel casing. Extensive insulation provides for inoffensive temperatures of the casing surfaces.
End-to-end grooves in the precision aluminum plate at the bottom of the bores simplify sample handling and provide for exemplary safety of the analyst.
During sample insertion the grooves cause pressure compensation. Thus even the most accurately fitting reaction vessels slip easily into the bores, which is required to effortlessly handle the behr insert and yoke type frames for RG 2 reaction vessels.
When inserting the samples into the hot heating block adherent moisture on the vessel surface evaporates in sudden bursts. The grooves drain off the vapor which otherwise might cause the vessels to jump up and down which might eventually lead to the destruction of the vessels.
In case of one or more vessels overflowing the liquid COD samples discharge through the grooves minimizing the danger of damages inside the block caused by acids.

Product Specification:
Product Type: CSB 6 / E
Description: for 6 RG reaction vessels
Power consumption: 800 W
Temp. range: 299 max. °C

Manufacturer P/nB00217822
VWR Ref705-0009
Rating W800
Descriptionfor 6 RG reaction vessels
TypeCSB 6 / E
Temp. range max. °C299
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