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Andreas Hettich Benchtop Centrifuge RotINA 380 1706

Andreas Hettich Benchtop Centrifuge RotINA 380 1706

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Without rotor


Benchtop centrifuges ROTINA 380 / 380 R
High-performance, benchtop centrifuges with a comprehensive range of accessories especially for applications in the fields of diagnostics, genetics and microbiology. Both models offer a choice of 11 rotors. With frequency drive, microprocessor control, impulse key for short centrifuging and powered lid locking. The advanced C control panel significantly facilitates daily laboratory routine. Parameter selection is done via the use of symbol keys. Values are set with the control knob, and recorded by pressing the Start key. Digital display. As necessary, a switch key enables entry / display of rpm (speed) or rcf. With 98 programmable memories. Temperature within the chamber of the refrigerated ROTINA 380 R is controllable within a range of -20 to +40°C. The temperature can also be set in degrees Fahrenheit.
Max. RCF: 24400xg
Max. speed: 15000rpm
Max. capacity: 4 x 290ml
Cooling temperature ROTINA 380 R: -20 to +40°C
Timer: 1sec to 99min: 59sec, continuous run, short cycle mode (impulse key)
Power consumption
ROTINA 380: 650 W
ROTINA 380 R: 1150 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)
ROTINA 380: 457 x 600 x 418mm
ROTINA 380 R: 457 x 750 x 418mm
ROTINA 380: approx. 51kg
ROTINA 380 R: approx. 81kg
Power supply: 200 - 240V, 50/60Hz

Product Specification:
Product Type: ROTINA 380 R
Description: without rotor, with refrigeration

Catalogue Number9.943 130
ManufacturerAndreas Hettich
Manufacturer P/n1706
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