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Angle Rotor 24 x 2428 Andreas Hettich

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Angle Rotor 24 x  2428 Andreas Hettich
Angle Rotor 24 x 2428 Andreas Hettich
PART NO. 4AJ-9943477
Price: €508.00

with cover with bio-containment for 15 - 20 ml vessels

Microlitre centrifuges MIKRO 200 / 200 R
Refrigerated and non-refrigerated, high-performance microlitre centrifuges. Five exchangeable rotors are available. With frequency drive, microprocessor control with 4 programmable memories, impulse key for short centrifuging, powered lid locking and *open lid* key. Easy entry of the parameters via select keys and a twist knob. A switch key enables entry / display of rpm (speed) or rcf, as required. Actual values are displayed during centrifugation. The refrigerated MIKRO 200 R allows chamber temperature control between -10 to +40°C. With the Fast Cool function it refrigerates to +4°C in 10 to 15 minutes. The *stand-by* mode maintains the set temperature between runs.
Max. RCF: 21382xg
Max. speed: 15000rpm
Max. capacity: 30 x 0.2 to 2ml
Cooling temperature Mikro 200 R: -10 to +40 °C
Timer: 1sec to 99min: 59sec, continuous run, short cycle mode (impulse key)
Power consumption
MIKRO 200: 240 W
MIKRO 200 R: 360 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)
MIKRO 200: 275 x 344 x 260mm
MIKRO 200 R: 281 x 547 x 260mm
MIKRO 200: approx. 11.5kg
MIKRO 200 R: approx. 28kg
Power supply: 200 - 240V, 50/60Hz

Product Specification:
Product Type: 2428
Description: Angle rotor for 24 x 0.2 to 2ml microtubes with filter insert

ManufacturerAndreas Hettich
Manufacturer P/n2428
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