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Lenz Claisen Stillhead DURAN 5.0300.44

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Lenz Claisen Stillhead DURAN 5.0300.44
Lenz Claisen Stillhead DURAN 5.0300.44
PART NO. 4AJ-9012183
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List Price: €25.21

Socket and Cone NS 29/32 DURAN®

Distilling heads acc. to Claisen, sloping, DURAN® tubing
Made of DURAN® tubing. Acc. to DIN 12594 and in addition to standard (*), with two parallel NS 14/23 sockets and two NS cones (descending angle: 75°), for distilla tion thermometers of 55mm built-in length.

Product Specification:
Cone vertical: 29/32 NS
Cone obliquely: 29/32 NS
Socket: 14/23 NS

Manufacturer P/n05030044
Carl Roth RefY324.1
VGKL RefVG134061129
VWR Ref201-2226
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Stillheads Claisen type

Carl Roth:Y324.1

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