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Grant Microplate-Thermo-Shaker Phmp-4 PHMP-4 EURO

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Grant Microplate-Thermo-Shaker Phmp-4 PHMP-4 EURO
Grant Microplate-Thermo-Shaker Phmp-4 PHMP-4 EURO
PART NO. 4AJ-6227761
Ships in approx.1 weeks
List Price: €1,336.20

For 4 X 96- Or 384-Well Plates

Microplate thermoshaker PHMP / PHMP-100 / PHMP-4
For 96- and 384-well plates. The PHMP is a variable speed, variable temperature microplate shaker incubator with excellent temperature uniformity across the microplate. The patented heated lid and base which completely cover the plate produce a controlled micro-environment. This is combined with powerful orbital shaking to produce the maximum yield from your incubations.
-Stability ±0.1ºC, uniformity ±0.25ºC
-Rapid heat-up
-For standard 96 or 384-well plates (max. 14mm height)
-Choice of models with a capacity of 2 microplates (PHMP / PHMP-100) or 4 microplates (PHMP-4)
-Variable speed: 250rpm to 1200rpm
-2mm shaking orbit for effective mixing
-Temperature setting range: +25 to 60°C, PHMP-100: +25 to 100°C
-Temperature control range: RT +5 to 60°C, PHMP-100: RT +5 to 100°C
-Timed operation: 1 min to 96 hours

Product Specification:
Product Type: Thermoshaker PHMP-4
Temp. range: RT +5 to 60 max. °C

Manufacturer P/nPHMP-4
VWR Ref444-0801
For4 microplates
Type of movementorbital
Net weight8.800000 kg
Min. operating temperature5 RT + °C
Max. operating temperature60 °C
Plug typeEU
Orbit mm2
Depth mm390
max. heating rate1.25 °C/min
max. cooling rate°C/min
Width mm380
Height mm140
Min. speed250 rpm
Max. speed1200 rpm
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