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LLG Pipette Tips 1000ul 2 x 500 Packs 9409043

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LLG Pipette Tips 1000ul 2 x 500 Packs 9409043
LLG Pipette Tips 1000ul 2 x 500 Packs 9409043
PART NO. 4AJ-9409043
List Price: €26.60

Type low rentention
Pack of 1000
Certified free of DNase and RNase suitable for microbiology
Guaranteed metal-free
CE-certified for In-Vitro-Diagnostics acc. to 98/79/EG
Sterility acc. EN 552/ISO 11137 and DIN EN 556

Low-Retention Pipette tips pipettes premium, non-sterile
Certified free of DNase, RNase, suitable for microbiology. Guaranteed metal-free.

Sample retention can be a major contributor to pipetting inaccuracy, and siliconization of tips has proved unsatisfactory because of autoclaving and contamination problems. For LLG pipette tips *Premium* a new polymer, Novelle-Polypropylene has been developed, that produces a *super slick surface* on our new LLG pipette tips *Premium*, that actually improves with autoclaving and cannot leach from the tip surface. On average, Novelle Polymer and LLG pipette tips *Premium* reduces the tip retention by near 85% and decreases the standard deviation of the retained volume by more than 75%. Liquid handling accuracy and precision are crucial to success in today's molecular biology laboratories, especially for DNA analysis and protein handling. A significant culprit of pipette inaccuracy is binding of sample. The LLG pipette tips *Premium* reduces the binding, thus increasing sample delivery accuracy. Tests demonstrate that LLG pipette tips *Premium* significantly reduces the amount of DNA and protein bound by the tip. Furthermore LLG pipette tips *Premium* offer a marked improvement over the best low retention technologies.

Product Specification:
Capacity: 100 - 1000 µl
Colour: Clear
Package contents: 2 bags of 500

Manufacturer P/n9409043
Alternative RefLOWRETENTI
Capacity µl100 - 1000
Alternative Reference:LOWRETENTI

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