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Hepa-Filter Labopur HEP400 Ecosafe

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Hepa-Filter Labopur HEP400 Ecosafe
Hepa-Filter Labopur HEP400 Ecosafe
PART NO. 4AJ-6261238
List Price: €216.00

for suspended particles

Charcoal Filters for Ductless Fume Hoods LABOPUR® H Series
Manipulation of liquid chemicals where and when needed.
Advantages: eliminates installation costs, saves substantially capital and running costs, mobile and easy to relocate wherever needed; protects the user and environment against toxic fumes. Low Energy consumption: less than 200 KWh /year (for 2100 hours usage)

Choice of activated charcoal filters (Please order separately!) :
- ''ORG'' filter for flammables and organics
- ''CORG'' filter suitable for the most common laboratory chemicals
- ''FOR'' filter for formaldehyde vapors
- ''AMM'' filter for ammonia vapors

Standard equipment:
- Built in 15/10 steel, covered with white Epoxy (RAL 9010) with blue stripes
- HPL or tempered glass worktop on removable retention tank (optional)
- Transparent PMMA glazed walls on all four sides for comfortable working or lectures
- Ergonomic hand traps or trapeze opening
- 4 protective caps for easy use of external supplies (e.g. power cables, water, gas)
- Air velometer; sampling outlet for reactive tube measurement

Recirculating air filter system (CLASS 2) and coal filters Norm NFX 15-211
- Noiseless fan: 57 dB(A), 220-240 V, 50 Hz, 10 W, 0.1 A
- Air flow: 170 m3/h; face velocity: 0.4 to 0.6 m/s
- Ventilation system with lighting control in case of system failure

Please choose fume hoods, charcoal filters, trolleys and accessories according to your needs. Delivered mounted.
The fume hood will be delivered without bottom retention tank and work top.
Charcoal filter ''ORG'': for organic vapors
Charcoal filter ''CORG'': for organic and corrosive vapors (suitable for the most common laboratory chemicals)
HEPA filter ''HEP'': for Particle
Frame for HEPA filter ''SH''

For models (H092D, H092Z, H122D, H122Z, H152D, H152Z) with 2 fans, please order 2 charcoal filters or rather HEPA filters with additional frame.
For models (H153D, H153Z, H153G) with 3 fans, please order 3 charcoal filters or rather HEPA filters with additional frame.

Product Specification:
For: model H400, H401, H410, H411
Type: HEP400

Manufacturer P/nHEP400
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