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A Kruss Optronic Digital Hand Refractometer DR 101-60

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A Kruss Optronic Digital Hand Refractometer DR 101-60
A Kruss Optronic Digital Hand Refractometer DR 101-60
PART NO. 4AJ-9801117
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List Price: €261.00

0-60% Brix

Digital hand-held refractometer DR101-60
As an entry-level model in digital refractometry, the DR101-60 covers many areas of application where the wide measurement range of the DR201-95 is not required. It offers excellent value for money, in terms of both procurement and operation. Calibration is also with distilled water. The waterproof case allows the DR101-60 to be rinsed under running water. This digital handheld refractometer also has an automatic temperature compensation feature, of course.
Specifications DR101-60
Temperature compensation: 10°C - 40°C
Dimensions: 110mm x 62mm x 32mm
Weight: 160g
Power supply: 1.5V DC battery

Product Specification:
Product Type: DR101-60
Measuring range: 1.330-1.4419 nD 0.0-60.0% Brix
Accuracy: 0.0005 nD 0.1 %Brix
Graduations: 0.0001nD 0.5 %Brix

ManufacturerA Kruss Optronic
Manufacturer P/nDR 101-60
AccuracynD ±0.0005
±0.35 %Brix
ResolutionnD 0.0001
0.1 %Brix
Measuring rangenD 1.330 ... 1.4419
0 ... 60.0 %Brix
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