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Hirschmann Laborgerate Silicone sponge plug 54x66mm 8905566

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Hirschmann Laborgerate Silicone sponge plug 54x66mm 8905566
Hirschmann Laborgerate Silicone sponge plug 54x66mm 8905566
PART NO. 4AJ-9231066
List Price: €35.36

Silicone sponge plug 54x66mm SILICOSEN® type T-66, pink

Sterile stoppers SILICOSEN® T- and L-Type
SILICOSEN® and BIO-SILICO® are specially processed culture plugs in sterile rubber with continuous bubbles for preparation, filling and sterilisation of culture media. Their uniform pore structure and good air permeability make them excellent for the cultivation of aerobic microorganisms.

The choice between SILICOSEN® and BIO-SILICO® culture stoppers depends on the requirements of the application. SILICOSEN® culture stoppers have low water evaporation which makes them particularly suitable for long term cultures. BIO-SILICO® culture stoppers have high air permeability, similar to cotton plugs. Both types are chemically resistant, temperature resistant, liquid repellent and reusable.
Moisture evaporation is minimal, thus there is less drying of the culture medium. Colour: natural.

Product Specification:
Product Type: T-66
Joint size: (NS) 54/63
Cylinder length: 40mm
Cone length: 60mm

ManufacturerHirschmann Laborgerate
Manufacturer P/n8905566
Alternative RefSILICOSEN
VWR RefHIRS8905566
Joint size (NS)54/63
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Alternative Reference:SILICOSEN
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