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Macherey-Nagel MN Nucleodur C18 Pyramid 1.8µm 30x4.6mm 760271.46

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Macherey-Nagel MN Nucleodur C18 Pyramid 1.8µm 30x4.6mm 760271.46
PART NO. 4AJ-4004476
List Price: €565.00

Macherey Nagel EC (Standard end fitting) columns use CC (ChromCart) Guard columns.
Use guard holder 4AJ-7081898 (MN PN 721359) and a column coupler to use with CC (ChromCart) Guard columns.

EC analytical columns NUCLEODUR® C18 Pyramid, 1.8µm
stabel in 100 % aqueous eluent systems- USP L1
pore size 110 Å, particle sizes 1.8µm, 3µm and 5µm; 14 % C
7 and 10µm particles for preparative separations on request
interesting polar selectivity features
excellent base deactivation; suitable for LC/MS due low bleeding characteristics
pH stability 1 - 9
Ideal for: analgesics, penicillin antibiotics, nucleic acid bases, water-soluble vitamins, complexing agetns, organic acids
particle size 1.8µm, 14% C.

Product Specification:
Int. diam.: 4.6 mm
Length: 30 mm

Manufacturer P/n760271.46
Int. diam. mm4.6
Length mm30
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