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Evoqua Water Technologies Ultra Clear TP 10 TWF 60 UV UF TM W3T360176

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Evoqua Water Technologies Ultra Clear TP 10 TWF 60 UV UF TM W3T360176
Evoqua Water Technologies Ultra Clear TP 10 TWF 60 UV UF TM W3T360176
PART NO. 4AJ-6285632

Ultra Clear TP 10 TWF 60 UV UF TM ultra-pure water system, (w. TOC-monitor) w.60L tank, CO² trap, vent filter, UV lamp

Ultra pure water system, Ultra Clear™ TWF Touch Panel
The Ultra Clear™ TWF Touch Panel is an ultra-pure water system which accommodates almost any option that can be directly connected to the drinking water mains system, with an output of up to 1.8 l/min. UV oxidation, ultra-filtration and TOC monitoring can be integrated into all UV models. Permeate can be easily tapped directly from the tank for simple flushing purposes and a separate flushing machine can also be operated. The Ultra Clear™ TP systems have a fixed water dispenser and an optional flexible dispenser to bring the water to your work. Typical system applications: AAS, IC, GC, HPLC, TOC analysis, cell and tissue cultures, DNA sequencing, PCR, and much more.
-7'' multi-color glass display for fast and easy operation, with a generous overview
-Easy to navigate by touching functional system components
-New designed user interface
-Graphic display of all main functions
-SD cards and USB connection for data transfer
-Interface and user manual are available in many languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese)
-Ultra pure water system with integrated reverse osmosis step for pretreatment of the tap water to pure and ultra pure water
-Conductivity control with limit value entries for permeate and purest water
-Sterile filtration 0.1 µm 1000 cm2 integrated in recirculation therefore reachable during disinfection
-24-hour-Programm: circulation mode programmable (Interval/Nonstop)
-very quiet in ''Nonstop''-operation (ultra pure water reduction), automatical pumping rotation speed during interval operation: The system is hardly hearable
-easy module exchange through quick coupling system with aqua stop
-Storage tank 30 l (also available with 60 l)
-Volume controlled dispense of ultra pure water
-Disinfection syringe as initial
-Flexible and dead space free dispenser
-For Ultra Clear UV UF Version, DNase, RNase, DNA free

Product Specification:
Ultra-pure water rating: up to 1.8 l/min
Resistance at 25 °C: 18.2 MW-cm
Conductivity at 25 °C: 0.055 µS/cm
Bacteria: < 1 KbE/ml
Particle: >0.1 to 1µm: < 1 count/ml
Permeate rating: < 10 l/h
Input conductivity: < 2000 µS/cm
Power requirement: 50 W
Silt density index SDI: < 3
Dimensions (W x D x H): 560 x 320 x 530 mm
Power supply: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Type: 60 UV UF TM
TOC value: <1-3 ppb
Endotoxin content: <0.001 EU/ml

ManufacturerEvoqua Water Technologies
Manufacturer P/nW3T360176
Alternative RefULTRACLEAR
Type60 UV UF TM
TOC value<1-3 ppb
Endotoxin content EU/ml<0.001
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Water purification ultra-pure water systems

Alternative Reference:ULTRACLEAR
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