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Aqualytic Potometer CheckitDirect+ 42860102

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Aqualytic Potometer CheckitDirect+ 42860102
Aqualytic Potometer CheckitDirect+ 42860102
PART NO. 4AJ-9920202
Price: €552.20


incl. Accessories in Case

Photometers AL200 Series
The AL200 series of photometers represents a range of multi-parameter instruments (with the exception of the COD variant). Combinations of a variety of parameters are pre-programmed in the instruments. Except where indicated, the instruments are supplied with all the necessary reagents as standard. Each photometer is delivered ready-to-use in a sturdy carrying case with all the required accessories. The backlit LC Display can be activated via a single key press. The InfraRed Interface Module (IRIM) enable data to be sent to a computer or directly to a printer.
Key Features:
-Waterproof (as defined in IP68); 1 hr at 0.1 m
-Automatic switch-off
-Real-time clock and date
-Calibration mode
-Storage function
-InfraRed Interface Module (IRIM)
-One-time-zero function
-High-quality interference filter technology
Measurement cycle: approx. 3 seconds (method dependent)
Display: LCD
Optics: Temperature compensated LED and photosensor intensifier in a waterproof sample chamber
Keyboard: 4-key polycarbonate film, splashproof

Overall (W x D x H): 190mm x 110mm x 55mm

Product Specification:
Product Type: AL200
Description: Chlorine/pH/Cys (3in 1)
Measuring range: 0.01 - 6.0 mg/l CI2 0.1 - 10.0 mg/l CI2* 6.5 - 8.4 pH 0 - 160 mg/l Cys

Manufacturer P/n42860102
DescriptionMD 200, Chlorine, pH, cyanuric acid,
reagent tablets (OTZ)
Measuring range0.01 ... 6.0 mg/l CI2
0.1 ... 10.0 mg/l CI2
0 ... 160 mg/l Cys
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