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Grant Spare Flask 1 Ltr. For AspirATOr FTA-B

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Grant Spare Flask 1 Ltr. For AspirATOr FTA-B
Grant Spare Flask 1 Ltr. For AspirATOr FTA-B
PART NO. 4AJ-9721075
Price: €18.00

Aspirator with trap flask FTA-1
Designed for routine aspiration of the supernatent alcohol/buffer from the walls of microtubes during DNA/RNA purification and other macromolecule reprecipitation techniques.

-All in one system with integrated pump and aspiration tip
-Pump is for 1.5ml reaction tubes and very small volumes with an average suction power of 600ml/min
-Trap flasks volume 1L
-Fitted with hydrophobic microbiological filter
-Vacuum pressure of - 500mbar

-The hydrophobic microbiological suction filter eliminates risk of contamination from the trap flask. Efficiency up to 99.9%, holds particles bigger than 0.027 micron, which are smaller than agents of Hepatitis A, B and C.
-Polyethylene tube connects collecting tip to the trapping flask
-Built-in micro-compressor creates negative pressure in trapping flask for removal of liquid from microtubes
-1L trap flask for collection of alcohol/buffer from microtest tube walls during reprecipitation techniques
-Tube holder to accommodate two tubes for collecting tip washing and storing, enabling re-use of the tip.

Product Specification:
Product Type: FTA-B
Description: Spare aspiration trap bottle

Manufacturer P/nFTA-B
DescriptionSpare aspiration trap bottle
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