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Endotoxin Problem

Solutions for Endotoxin Problem in Industrial Bioprocesses

In industrial bioprocesses, endotoxins pose a significant threat to the stability and quality of cell cultures used to obtain secondary metabolites or biomass. The accumulation of lipopolysaccharide fragments in the culture media leads to lower cell growth, anomalous growth, and lower yield of production of metabolites of interest. Moreover, endotoxins can also pose a great risk to public health by generating an exacerbated immune response in the end consumer.

Endotoxin Problem

Condalow® peptones

To address this issue, Condalab has launched a new line of low endotoxin peptones, called Condalow®. These peptones contain less than 200 EU/g and maintain higher concentrations of micro and macronutrients compared to ultrafiltered peptones available on the market.

Condalow® Meat offers enhanced cell growth, while Condalow® Casein offers much higher values in terms of growth. Additionally, Condalow® Soy shows better cell growth results compared to competing UF peptones and is Animal-Free and GMO-Free, making the process of obtaining biomolecules easier.

Adding 1g/L of Condalow® peptones to the culture media helps reduce harmful effects while maintaining beneficial effects. With Condalow® peptones, the endotoxin concentration is significantly reduced, making them a reliable solution to the endotoxin problem in industrial bioprocesses.

If you have more questions about solutions for endotoxin-related issues, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. They are on hand to help you create a bespoke solution tailored to your specific needs.

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