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Laboratory Circulators

Laboratory Circulators:


High performance laboratory circulators are needed around the world for research institutes and industrial companies that have challenging temperature applications. The MAGIO range of refrigerated and heating circulators are high-end and specifically developed to meet the requirements of those laboratories.

The MAGIO range offers customers high quality devices, manufactured in Germany, that perform to the highest class for a working temperature range of -50°C to + 300°C. The models include wetted parts that are made of stainless steel and high-performance pumps that allow the circulators to be used for challenging external applications.

The refrigerated and heating circulators come with a high-resolution touchscreen display that allows simple, intuitive operation and optimal visibility for all functions. The modern interfaces and integrated programmer complete the intelligent design of the MAGIO models. The models are the highest standards in terms of precision, reliability and functionality. All circulators can be tailored to customer-specific applications in a modular and individual way.

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Key Advantages:

- Multiple interfaces for remote control, data management and integration into programme structures

- Has an integrated powerful pump with performance levels of 0.92 to -0.4 bar

- All components that encounter the medium are made of stainless steel

- TFT Touchscreen display so the operator can keep an eye on all values

- Classification III according to DINI12876-1

- Integrated programmer allows for the automatic running of temperature times

- Circulators come in various combinations and sizes

- Filling level is monitored and displayed clearly

- Insulation of components means the circulators are energy saving

- Available in multiple languages for all users

- Easy connection and space saving

MAGIO Laboratory Circulators Range: 

MAGIO MS Refrigerated/Heating Circulators: 

This is the refrigerated circulators/heating that are perfect for reliable temperature control of demanding external applications. They are designed to surpass requirements of laboratories around the world with their modern technology and high quality. These circulators have extra strong pressure and suction pumps to fulfil the high demands of external temperature control applications. 

MAGIO MS and MX Bridge Mounted Circulators: 

The MAGIO heating circulators provide professional technology to be used on demanding tasks for any applications. The MAGIO Bridge Mounted Circulators combine high temperature performance along with maximum flexibility. These heating circulators can be used with bath tanks with a filling volume of up to 100 litres. 

MAGIO MS and MX heating circulators: 

The MAGIO MS and MX heating circulators are designed for the precise temperature control of external applications. Differing from the Bridge Mounted Circulators, samples can also be temperature controlled inside the high-quality insulated closed bath tank. 


Powerful & robust the CORIO™ laboratory circulators feature all core functions for the temperature control of a wide variety of applications and samples, in daily routine tasks in laboratories and industry. Very-user friendly, ergonomic and with an elegant design, the CORIO™ laboratory circulators incorporate forward-looking technologies with highest demands for precision, reliability, economy and operation.CORIO™ laboratory circulators incorporate forward-looking technologies with highest demands for precision, reliability, economy and operation.">

CORIO™ is produced according to the highest German quality standards. It features platinum sensors, proven motor technology, and CAN-Bus communication alongside environmentally friendly materials and technologies.

This new generation of heating and refrigerated circulators also puts safety first: the design of the bath lid and insulation prevent direct contact with hot surfaces, rubber feet allow for a secured footing and a lockable power plug provides a secure connection which cannot be disconnected by accident.

Main Features:

- One Switch - intelligent operating concept that allows you to set the new CORIO™ quickly and safely;

- All operating controls and safety functions can be accessed easily from the front;

- Ergonomically integrated handles;

- New drain tap permits easy draining without tools;

- Remote controll of all CORIO™ CD due to integrated USB interface.

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