Liquid Flowmeters

Liquid Flowmeters

Liquid Flow Meters

These Liquid Flow Meters are for ultra-fast control for liquid flows with rock-solid stability and rapid responsiveness. They make your processes much faster with their 20 ms meter response, 100 ms control response, instant turn on so it is ready in 1 second, all flow data is visible in one screen, and the controller PID valve tuning is available for the best speed and stability.

Quick Specs for the Liquid Flow Meters:

- Flow Ranges Available: 0-0.5 ccm to 0 – 10 lpm
- Accuracy: ±2% of full scale (NIST-traceable)
- Linear range: 2-100% of full scale (50:1)
- Digital and analog outputs come in multiple forms
- Stand-alone unit: no need for computer or PLC
- Comes with lifetime warranty

Tailor to Your Needs:

L-Series – Liquid Flow Meter:

These flow meters are used to monitor liquid flows and line pressure in real time.

LB Series – Portable Liquid Flow Meter:

These liquid flow meters are easy to use, handheld units for flow verification that takes just a few seconds.

LC Series – Liquid Flow Controller:

The liquid flow meters control and dispense the flowing liquid with a fast response.

Customisation Options:

- Bidirectional Flow Calibration for full-scale readings in both directions
- Integrated Flow Totaliser that has cumulative readings of total quantity flowed over time
- Precision Dispensing Package for fast and repeatable dispensing in batches
- CSA Class 1 Div 2 Classification which allows operation in hazardous environments
- Backlit Colour Display for viewing in low lighting

Sample Application – Product Dispensing:

The liquid flow meters dispense liquid products over a wide range of flow rates with the option to purchase the ‘Precision Dispensing Package’. The rapid valve response accommodates changing flow requirements and short dispensing periods. There is digital feedback available from PLC and PC that allows real-time changes to maintain the process conditions.

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