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Flow Chemistry Reactors

    Flow Chemistry

    Flow Chemistry Reactors:

    What is Flow Chemistry?

    Flow Chemistry is the process of performing chemical reactions in a continuous pipe or tube. This chemical process is also known as continuous flow chemistry or plug flow microchemistry.

    How Does it Work?

    The experts at Syrris explain: “Reagents are pumped together at a mixing junction and the flow continues down a temperature-controlled tube or pipe. The ratio of the reactants is controlled by their concentrations and relative flow rates. The rapid mixing and large surface area to volume ratio provides excellent reproducibility and control of a chemical process.”

    Why Pick Flow Chemistry?

    As chemical reactions can occur faster, cleaner, and especially, more reproducible in flow chemistry, some say it is more beneficial than traditional batch techniques. Not only that but, because it is able to maintain great mixing and heat transfer, scale up of chemical processes is made more seamless.

    What do I need?

    There are four key items in the basis of Flow Chemistry.
    Syringe Pump:
     accurate pumping performance is perhaps the most important part of the system, without it you lose the main benefits of flow chemistry.
    Microreactor: the more versatile and flexible the better. Especially in volume, to allow a large range of residence times, give excellent mixing/heat transfer and provide good visibility where possible.
    Pressure: amongst other benefits of pressure to this chemical process, it allows superheating of the reaction mixture which can dramatically increase reaction time.
    Product Collector: when using flow chemistry, you can collect as many material as you need without the restriction of reactor size. This means that small amounts can be collected for reaction optimization and larger quantities for scale up applications.

    Want to know more about Flow Chemistry?

    Contact our Sales Team to find out more about Flow Chemistry and what products will suit your lab needs!

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