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Cell Based Assays

Cell and Molecule Analysis are vital steps for studying cellular mechanisms in any Life Sciences lab. These processes offer additional information about Intracellular Molecular Targets in a real Biological environment.

CanvaxTM Cell Based Assays and Molecule Detection Kits are designed for greater accuracy and increased throughput for most common measurements.

They provide exceptional sensitivity measurements of Cell Viability, Proliferation, Cytotoxicity, Reporter Gene and Oxidative Stress.

Benefits & Advantages:


Fully Quantitative Data: Due to exceptional sensibility

Convenient, Easy-to-Use & Time-Saving Protocols: Get faster results with minimal handling steps

Cost-Efficient Without Compromising Performance: Equivalent product specifications and performance when compared to competitive products

Longer Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of purchase due a new manufacturing process

Immediate Availability & Fresher Batches: Due to small batch manufacturing, fresh products are kept in stock, ready-to-ship

Risk-free: Products covered by CanvaxTM 100% Quality Guarantee

Be sure to check the wide high quality range of Cell-based Tools & Molecule Detection kits we have available from CanvaxTM.

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Which is the Right Kit for My Application?

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