Wastewater Sensors

The flow meters of the SQ-series measure the flow rate of sewer systems, ducts, semi-filled pipes and other technical channels or bodies of water in the fields of wastewater and industrial effluents in a continuous and contact-free fashion.

The discharge calculation of the sensor is based on a hydraulic model. The level and flow velocity measurements are contact-free due to the ultrasonic and radar technology in the sensor. Depending on the measurement level you require, you can use the SQ-U or SQ-8R models of the range.

The SQ sensor is very robust, easy to install and set up. The sealed, UV and acid resistant housing (rated protection class IP 68) protects the equipment from aggressive and demanding conditions.

The attached mounting cube allows the sensor to be installed in a distance of 6 to 8 meters from the water, which means that no water construction is needed.

The SQ sensor can be used for multiple applications in wastewater, sewage systems and industrial waters.

Main Features:

- Maintenance-free and fail-safe
- Broad field of applications: Process water, shafts, semi-filled pipes etc.
- No need for water construction
SQ_Brochure.jpg- Simple installation and integration in existing monitoring and control systems
- Data output via multiple interfaces: SDI-12, RS-485, Modbus, analogue (4 ... 20 mA), pulse signal
- Optional: non-contact measurement of water surface temperature
- Accurate flow measurement also with high turbidity or solid contents in the wastewater
- Discharge values as basis for cost accounting
- Dimensioning and control of plant and processes
- Discharge monitoring for (re)adjustment of calculation models
- Withstands aggressive environments
- Water-proof, tight housing
- Higher safety for staff and equipment
- Monitoring of very little discharge rates is possible, as the sensor measures from above

The sensor can be accessed and controlled directly via its digital interface or remotely, via the Q-Commander software, in case the site is also set up for data transmission.

For remote measurement sites that do not have permanent power supply or a landline wire connection there are also Mobile, stand-alone stations that include and SQ Flow Meter, logger and data transmission.

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