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What is Viscosity?

By Emma Foster on Wed 27 May 2020 in Home

Why it is important to study and understand flow behaviour to receive optimum results in your lab?

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Viscosity is a principal parameter when any flow measurements of materials, such as liquids, semi-solids, gases and even solids are made. Viscometers and Rheometers are used to measure Viscosity and Rheological behaviour. Manufacturers believe they are now a crucial part of their research, development and process control programs. Viscosity measurements are typically the quickest, most accurate and reliable way to analyse the important components impacting product performance.

Rheological relationships are important to understand also as they help us to recognise the behaviour of the fluids that are being worked with. This is beneficial for finding out whether they are behaving correctly or if we must force them to behave according to our needs.

Discover what viscosity is and come to terms with why it is important to study and understand flow behaviour for optimum results in the lab.

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