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16 articles tagged with "environmental".

DO Meter Measurement Problems?

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 December 2022

Dissolved oxygen in aquatic environments is critical to most species and understanding the DO levels in a system is equally important to aquatic managers, aquarists, researchers, and more. What is Affecting Your Dissolved Oxygen Measurements?

How to Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Lab

By Emma Foster on Fri 07 October 2022

We are on a mission to reduce plastic waste not just in our everyday life but in the lab! Find out more about the simple ways you can reduce plastic in your laboratory.

How to Achieve More Accurate Titrations

By Emma Foster on Tue 18 January 2022

Titration is a well-known method of determining the presence of an analyte in a sample. The techniques have remained in use due to their simplicity and general correctness. But don't be fooled: when it comes to tactics and practices, there's always space for growth.

5 Tips to Prevent Costly Mistakes with Your Water Quality Sonde

By Emma Foster on Mon 17 January 2022

Do you have an issue with your water quality sonde? Here are some tips on how you can prevent costly mistakes using your water quality sonde.

Three Wrong Assumptions Made About Water Quality Monitoring

By Emma Foster on Thu 30 September 2021

Dr. Stephanie A. Smith in this article is talking about a three assumptions people have when it comes to testing the water quality.

Anatomy of pH Electrodes

By Emma Foster on Wed 29 September 2021

What are pH electrodes and how do they work? In this article, you will learn about methods of pH measurement and their structure.

Four Questions About Algae Sensors

By Emma Foster on Mon 27 September 2021

This article answers four vital questions that are asked about Algae Sensors and How They Work.

Calibration and Measurement for Ammonia Ion Selective Electrode in the Lab

By Emma Foster on Mon 28 June 2021

The measurement of ammonia is vital in applications such as wastewater, where the wastewater treatment plants are required to provide a laboratory measurement of ammonia concentration. The ammonia gas-sensing ion selective electrode (ISE) is an EPA approved method of determining ammonia concentration for compliance reporting. Learn more about Calibration and Measurement for Ammonia ISE in the lab.

Which is Better - Manual or Automated Titration?

By Emma Foster on Tue 25 May 2021

Just 40% of labs use automated titration currently and if automation has been constantly shown to be the superior solution. Find out which is the best solution for your lab, manual or automated titration.

Water Quality Instruments and How to Store Them Correctly

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 April 2021

Water quality instruments are seasonal as over the course of the winter months, data collection must stop due to the conditions in rivers and lakes. Until the spring when water quality testing can continue, all water quality equipment must be stored safely. What is the best way to store the water testing equipment for a long period of time?

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