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Nucleic Acid & Protein Quantitation in the Microplate Format

By Joana Bernardo on Tue 22 May 2018

Learn about Nucleic Acid and Protein quantitation in the Microplate Format from the experts at BioTek, global leader in life science instrumentation.


The quantitation of nucleic acids and protein are conventional measurements used in basic science and clinical research. In this application note from BioTek, you will learn about different assays for total protein or nucleic acids that can be performed in microplates.

You will also see the main differences between tube-based instrumentation and microplate readers and how they relate to the assays.

In the paper you can read, “These assays have used either absorbance or fluorescence as a mean to measure the analyte in question. Regardless of the method employed, laboratories requiring high throughput have often adapted the described protocol to a 96- and more recently a 384-well microplate-based format. These standardized formats, in conjunction with instrumentation capable of recording measurements from them, allow for the rapid determination of large numbers of samples.”

Read the application note in full!

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