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IDS Go Wireless: No more Wet Feet in the Field

By Joana Bernardo on Tue 19 June 2018

See how the WTW Intelligent Digital Sensors (IDS) with wireless modules have conquered the lab and made their way into the field measurement.

The new waterproof bonding on the IDS probes is what makes them perfect for outdoor measurements and your greatest ally in the field. According to WTW, come July 2018, the new modules will be labelled with an IP 66 rating (hose-proof).

IDS_Handheld_Portable_Meters_Multiline.jpgOne of the applications where these will prove to be more helpful is groundwater pumping testing. A classical pumping test includes the measurement of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), and maybe Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). The groundwater is pumped through a flow-through vessel equipped with the appropriate sensors which are connected to the meter(s) – any of the Multiline®IDS Portable Meters will do perfectly.

What’s the big advantage?

Ease of use, convenience, accurate results, no cables & no wet feet! When using tethered sensors, the operator would have to wait near the measuring spot until stable results were achieved – which can be hard sometimes, depending on the weather and field conditions.

Now, using the IDS probes there’s no need for that! The sensors communicate with the meter, via wireless, without any problems or cable hassle. Plus, the measured values can be read in real time from a dry shelter close by or even a car.

Download the WTW IDS probes brochure or check out the portable meters we have available.

Please contact our Sales Team should you like more information on these sensors or meters.

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