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Do You Have a Hamilton ML600 Diluter-Dispenser?
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Hamilton is changing the Housing Body on the ML600 Valves from Aluminium to PEEK.

The company states that "this change was made to eliminate the chance of fluid path contamination during manufacturing or assembly of the valve and syringe. This comes in response to some reports from select customers of trace metals contamination."

Even though this new design will increase valve lifespan, it does come with a few internal dimensional changes:
- Reduced size of (inside) valve plug [PTFE rotor]
- Reduced size of plug and different taper

Despite these changes, the fluid path will be the same as before (PTFE and CTFE) with same internal diameter, so there will be no difference in chemical compatibility. Also, the external dimensions remain unchanged, therefore the same fittings and syringes can be used. Port diameters, fluid logic, or flow characteristics of fluid through the valve are not affected by this change.

What is Better?

- Longer life and a lower rotational torque
- No metal in the fluid path when removing and reinstalling syringes
- CTFE stator is thicker and therefore more resistant to overtightening by fitting

With immediate effect, all Microlab 600 Diluter-Dispenser instruments will be shipped with long-life PEEK valves and only long-life PEEK valves are available when ordering replacement valves.

The order information for these valves will remain the same. Check order information & FAQ here!

Should you require any more information on this change, please contact a member of our Sales Team.
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