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Cell Culture Media

Microbiology - CondaChrome®

Discover CondaChrome®, a line of chromogenic culture media by Condalab and improve the accuracy of your results. The microbiology products, CondaChrome®, have a colourless chromogenic substrate in their composition due to the specific enzymatic activity of each microorganism. Part of this called the chromophore is released to give the colony an intense and specific colour which makes it possible to identify the bacteria instantly. This culture media offers a series of advances that save time in identifying your crops.

Advantages of CondaChrome® Culture Media:

Cell Culture
Quick results
  in 24 hours you can collect the results in the culture medium
Easy identification
  can be identified at a balance due to the bacteria grown in the culture media
Saving time
  identifying different bacterial species is easy
Greater selectivity
  More selective line of media than traditional culture media
High detection
  capable of detecting bacteria even with low concentrations
Simple protocol
  Inoculate it directly from the sample or enrichment broth
Wide product range
  wide range of products and specific culture media to comply with your microorganism sample

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