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Condagene®: The Ultimate Solution for Rapid and Reliable Legionella Control

All year round but especially during the summertime brings increased concern about the control of Legionella, a gram-negative bacterium that can grow and spread through water systems, including shower heads, faucets, plumbing systems, and cooling towers. These water systems are more widely used during the summer, making the spread of Legionella a growing concern.

Fortunately, there is a quick and reliable alternative to the traditional detection methods for Legionella. The Condagene® product range, based on the detection of pathogenic microorganisms by qPCR, offers a solution that is up to ten times faster than the traditional method established by the ISO 11731 standard. The detection by qPCR also facilitates the quantification of the pathogen in the samples, which can be very useful when carrying out controls or dealing with an outbreak. Condagene® Legionella ensures rapid and reliable detection in 48 hours.

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The Condagene® Legionella system is highly specific and sensitive, making it possible to detect the pathogen with a smaller sample volume and with less interference from other microorganisms in the sample, since it only amplifies and detects the DNA of the target microorganism. Our kit follows the specifications of the ISO 12869 standard for the detection and quantification of Legionella by qPCR.

In addition, the Condagene® Legionella user protocol greatly simplifies the workflow of the traditional method, as it consists of only three steps: sample concentration, DNA extraction, for which the Condagene® Rapid Collection Kit can be used, and qPCR amplification. The Condagene® Rapid Collection Kit includes all the reagents needed for DNA extraction and purification in a single bottle and enables the detection process to be further accelerated.

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Using Condagene® Legionella not only saves time but also reduces the workload in the laboratory, while providing highly specific results in under 48 hours. It is the best ally for the control and rapid detection of legionella in the event of an outbreak.

So, if you want a quick, reliable, and highly sensitive solution for Legionella detection, do not hesitate to try Condagene® Legionella. Contact our sales team for more information on this and other products in the Condagene® range.

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