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How to Reduce Plastic Waste in your Lab Today

Reduce Plastic Waste in the Lab

We are on a mission to reduce plastic waste not just in our everyday life but in the lab! Did you ever think about how much waste is produced by using disposable inoculation loops?

WLD-TEC reported some startling results and statistics after testing the durability of stainless steel inoculation loops in combination with a safety laboratory gas burner and an infrared loop steriliser.

What did they conclude: plastic waste from 30,000 disposable inoculation loops, plus their packaging, can be saved with one stainless steel inoculation loop used with an infrared loop steriliser.

Reduce Plastic Waste in the Lab

Using 30,000 disposable inoculation loops result in a significant amount of plastic trash as well as additional expenses of about €2,500 or more...

Lab Unlimited stocks a wide range of inoculation loops and loop sterilisers, contact our team of experts for more information or advise on how to reduce plastic waist in your lab.

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