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Powder Flow Tester

Powder Flow Tester

Powder Flow Tester:


There is a common problem when working with powders which is their failure to discharge reliable from bins, hoppers, silos, feeders, dosing machines, packing machines, etc. The unpredictable nature of powders can cause production downtime and sometimes, it can require the entire plant to shutdown to correct the flow restrictions and stoppages. In addition to these major issues, failure to flow reliably can lead to variations in packing weight, mixture, performance, and the sensory properties of powder products.

The Powder Flow Tester (PFTTM) eliminates any flow problems due to its Flow Function Test which is a proven scientific method used to analyse powder flow behaviour. The Powder Flow Tester brings quick and easy analysis of powder flow behaviour in industrial processing equipment. The PTFTM has a compact design along with a small footprint that makes it the perfect choice for the affordable testing of powder characterisation. This Powder Flow Tester is ideal for manufacturers who process powders daily, want to minimise or eliminate downtime, and cut down on expenses that occur when hoppers discharge erratically or fail completely.

How Does the Powder Flow Tester Work?

The Flow Function Test consists of compressing and shearing powder samples in a defined annular shear cell, using an established well-defined methodology. With this test, the Powder Flow Tester will allow you to:

  • Calculate the critical outlet dimensions for feeders, hoppers, etc.
  • Compare powders against one another for flowability, ranking and benchmarking purposes
  • Determine whether a powder will flow successfully through an existing plant or process
  • Determine the required geometry for potential new solid handling equipment before purchase


Main Advantages of the Powder Flow Tester:

  • Evaluate powder discharge from storage containers
  • Use QC check for incoming material
  • Rapidly characterises new for formulations for flowability
  • Adjust composition to match flow behaviour of established products
  • Tests powders for formulation, characterisation and QA/QC
  • Quickly and easily develops product SOP
  • Minimises or can eliminate production downtime and expense
  • Compact design which easily fits on a workbench
  • Easy to use and intuitive Powder Flow Pro software is included
  • Has the choice of 4 Test Options: Full Flow, Bulk Density, Time Consolidations and Wall Friction
  • Comprehensive report generation & multiple data output formations: Flow Index, Arching Dimensions, Rat-hole Diameter, Hopper Half Angle, Gravity Chute Angle
  • Compressibility (Carr) Index
  • Compressibility (Hausner) Ratio


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Powder Flow Tester

Powder Flow Tester

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