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CTX Texture Analyser

The Brookfield Ametek CTX Texture Analyzer is an advanced model for compression and tension testing of materials. It allows quick, efficient testing for busy labs that need to improve productivity while maintaining quality.


The CTX user-friendly features allow for easy set up to get you up and running quickly. Whether you are testing the consistency of pills and tablets, the peel ability of a yogurt lid, or the tensile strength of lipstick, the new CTX will meet your ever-growing testing needs.

The addition of TexturePro Software makes the CTX ideal for R&D labs performing material evaluation/character­ization tests. It also is great in QC applications where data can be sent or saved in multiple formats.

How it Works?

Principle of operation is to subject a test sample material to controlled forces in compression or tension mode using specific probes and fixtures (already well established in the texture analysis market, with the CT3 Texture Analyser.)

The resistance of the material to these forces is measured by a calibrated load cell and shown in either grams or newtons. These measurements can be compared with human sensory panel data to establish physical test methods used in Quality Control for foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, packaging materials and many others.

The main objective is to characterise your sample in a way that best represents their perception by human senses.

What Can You Measure?

Desirable "textural characteristics" can be a deciding factor for the success of a product in the market. This makes Texture Analysis, a truly empirical testing technique, a key procedure in QC and R&D labs throughout many industries like Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Packaging, Industrial Materials and even Adhesive Type Materials.


What physical properties of your sample do you wish to determine?

- Hardness
- Adhesive force
- Cohesiveness
- Adhesiveness
- Chewiness
- Gumminess
- Springiness
- Brittleness
- Modulus
- Stress relaxation

Food: Ripeness of fruit, consistency of yoghurt, “doughiness” of bread

Pharma: Strength of capsules, hardness of tablets and force to remove a tablet from a blister pack

Cosmetics: Hardness of Lipstick, force to squeeze toothpaste out of the tube

Main Features


Flexible: Interchangeable load cells for optimal flexibility (choose from eight available models, from 100g to 100kg)

Functional: Extended boom travel up to 280mm for longer reach testing

Speed: Faster travel means faster testing

Precise: 500 Hz data output rate captures the precise moment there is a change to your sample

Reliable & Compliant: The Texture Pro Software gives users the capability to compare test data from multiple runs for repeatability. This also allows the user to create custom test methods. The advanced version of the software provides full support for 21CFR Part 11 requirements on user access and data integrity.

Accessories: The CTX has a wide variety of probes, fixtures for testing broad categories of packaging materials, foods of all types, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and mechanical devices.

Can't find one that works for you? Contact our Sales Team! We can custom design a fixture and probe for most applications.

Want to Know More?

Should you like to know more about the CTX Texture Analyser, please contact our Sales Team.

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CTX Texture Analyser
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