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Sample Tester Xtractr

Sample Tester

Sample Tester Xtractr

The Sample Tester Xtractr is intended for use in sample preparation for content uniformity, assay testing and impurity testing of tablets and capsules.

Xtractr optimises homogenisation in the sample preparation processes for determining active ingredients in pharmaceutical products. The sample tester performs high speed shear mixing and is 50% faster than the conventional sample preparation methods with more reliable and consistent results to match.

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Key Benefits:

  • Save Time - Up to 50% faster than the conventional sample preparation methods with more reliable and consistent results to match
  • Temperature sensor with accuracy of ±2oC available. Temperature Limit settings ensure sensitive products are not degraded.
  • 10 stations with individual motors – these are made of non-corrosive anti-rusting material
  • D’light facility with visual colour indicator to show the instruments status from a distance.
  • Two modes – manual mode for development study purposes or auto-mode for routine and stable purposes
  • Report printing allows to print via a serial printer, control instruments and shares data
  • LCD display that is user-friendly and ergonomic


Robust Design:

The Sample Tester Xtractr has robust design with audio visual alerts that indicate the instruments status. The motor is capable of reversing direction in case of stalling, there is a 10 station individually powered closed system and the automatic detection of the Xtrainer type accessories.

User Friendly Interface:

The interface on the device is simple and easy to operate as it is an LCD display. It has a 10-method storage capacity and report printing occurs via a serial printer.

Temperature Monitoring and Control:

The Sample Tester comes with a non-contact temperature detection of the individual Xtainers. The motor automatically shuts down when it reaches an ‘off’ temperature and automatically restarts when it reaches an ‘on’ temperature.

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FAQ on the Sample Tester Xtractr and Xtainers:

Question: Why provide different motors and instead of that we can use the single drive, it will reduce the cost of instrument?

Answer: The torque required to crush tablets will be very high and the motor would be very bulky.

Question: Can we use a single Xtainer and load the method?

Answer: Yes, a single Xtainer can be used to load the test method.

Question: What is the cleaning process of the Xtainer?

Answer: Use a standard cleaning solution, do not use any organic solvent.

Question: What is the use of the Xtainer label?

Answer: After every use of the Xtainer tick the number, it will help to trace Xtainer use and ensure thay are used in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

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Sample Tester Xtractr

Sample Tester Xtractr

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