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InjectMan 4

Minimal lesion hole size for high cell survival rates are key in your DNA/RNA, protein or fluorescent dye microinjection experiment? Or you want to speed up your serial adherent cell injections to ~20-30 cells/min? The InjectMan 4 electronically coupled with the FemtoJet 4i/x supports you with easy (semi-automatic) microinjections into adherent cells, smaller organisms (e.g. zebrafish) and embryos in the early stages of development.

The InjectMan 4 is ideal for microinjection into adherent cells, smaller organisms and embryos in the early stages of development. In combination with the FemtoJet 4i or 4x, it enables fast semi-automatic injection. Furthermore, the InjectMan 4 is the ideal micromanipulator for all complex applications that require a dynamic movement mode and direct control of the injection process via the joystick button. The axial injection movement (X/Z direction) helps to minimize mechanical stress to the adherent cells upon injection. The high penetration speed makes injection into rigid structures easier than ever. The new user interface with four pre-defined application masks facilitates the individual workflow process (e.g., for adherent cell injection, serial microinjection into fish larvae, etc.). The freely programmable "My app" mask can be optimised for individual needs. Due to its exceptional precision and position stability, the InjectMan 4 is also suited for applications such as patch clamp. The motor modules can be uncoupled electronically to prevent accidental movement of the micropipette. The InjectMan 4 is for research use only.


  • Semi-automatic microinjection into adherent cells
  • Serial microinjection into fish larvae, frog eggs, insect embryos, etc.
  • Injection into living plant cells, C. elegans and other roundworms and flatworms
  • Automatic dispensing of cell suspensions or solutions
  • Stable, drift-free positioning, e.g. for electrophysiology techniques


  • Maximum stability ensures drift-free work
  • Electronic coupling to FemtoJet microinjectors for fast serial semi-automatic injections with highest reproducibility
  • Selection and programming of advanced functions (e.g. axial movement, step injection)
  • Ergonomically shaped control panel for fatigue-free work
  • Easy and precise angle adjustment
  • Connection with PiezoXpert for piezo-assisted penetration over a pre-defined distance
  • Can be adapted to all conventional microscopes
  • PC interface for remote control

Technical Data

  • Power supply: 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz 
  • Motor module set
    • Max. traveling distance: ≥20 mm in X, Y, Z and X/Z direction 
    • Weight (complete): 2.15 kg
  • Motor module set
    • Stepper motor: X-, Y-, Z-module
  • Single module (X, Y, Z)
    • Step size: <20 nm (computational resolution)
    • Speed: 0 – 10,000 µm/s
    • Mechanical adjustability: >80 mm
    • Dimensions: 129 × 51 × 36 mm
    • Weight: 570 g
  • Swivel joint
    • Direction of rotation: -45° to +90°
    • Capillary exchange: Direction of rotation: forward
    • Sample replacement: Direction of rotation: backward
  • Angle head
    • Operating angle: 0° – 90°
  • Control board
    • Control: joystick (dynamic kinetics)
    • Speed modes: coarse, fine, x-fine
    • External Device/PC: Serial interface SUBD9, male
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 205 × 288 × 152 mm
    • Weight: 1.8 kg

InjectMan 4

InjectMan 4

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