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Automated Cell Counter EVE™

Cell Counter

Cell Counter - EVE™

The cell counter EVE™ is designed to accurately and precisely measure cell count and viability of different cell cultures. It uses the standard trypan blue technique. Counting with EVE™ is an affordable automatic cell counter that is fast, accurate and user friendly. This cell counter has state-of-the-art optics to provide image analysis for cell counting and is a benchtop unit. It is designed to measure live, dead and total counting of cells.
Cell Counter

Special Features:

  • Fine distinction of clumped cells: Accurate results with advanced analysis algorithm
  • Broad range of cell sizes and types: Primary (tissue and blood) cell lines and stem cells
  • User friendly: Touch screen LCD without any maintenance needed
  • Data store analysis: 500 test results, transfer to PC via USB drive
  • Cell size gating: Select range of cell size using gating function
  • Quick: Takes less than 20 seconds to get results
  • Benchtop friendly for compact storage
  • No additional maintenance is needed
  • Provides easy operation and accurate results in a timely manner

EVE™ cell counting slides contain two enclosed chambers which can measure two different samples or perform replicates of the same sample.

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Scope of supply: EVE™ Automated Cell Counter, one box of Cell Counting Slides (50 slides/100 counts), USB Drive (2 GB), User Manual and Quick Manual.

Automated Cell Counter EVE™

Automated Cell Counter EVE™

Cell Counter EVE NanoEn Tek EVE-MC
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