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Air purifier ap360

Air Purifier

The AP360 Air Purifier is the next generation of rapid air purification. This has a powerful and innovative design that makes it ideal for air hygiene in clinical settings and businesses. The AP360 helps with keeping staff, patients, and customers safe from airborne infections, as well as removing aerosols, pollen, dust, and other particles.

Key Benefits:

Purifies Air Rapidly:

The AP360 has a powerful fan that is coupled with medical grade, high capacity HEPA13 filter and two powerful UVC lamps to give fast and effective air purification. When it comes to airborne infection reduction, this air purifier is the ideal tool to use in conjunction with surface cleaning, social distancing, PPE, and other measures.

Controlled Air Flow from a Powerful 360° Vertical System:

The vertical design and concentric ducts on the AP360 extract air from every direction and pushes it back through the room efficiently. The design has a fast turbo mode for rapid air cleaning and an almost-silent whisper mode for the background use. There is a rated air flow capacity of 360 m³ per hour means that the AP360 will recycle the air in a 90 m³ room (about the size of a dental treatment room) four times in an hour, maximising air quality and combating the risks of dangerous airborne pathogens such as COVID-19.

HEPA13 Filter:

The 360° air intake draws air in and passes it through a EN1822 standard HEPA13 certified filter to trap particles including aerosol droplets. This removes dust, pollen, and other allergens. The fan and filter are designed with a feedback sensor so that the filter gradually becomes dirty, and the fan will compensate to ensure air flow from the machine remains at specified levels. The bulbs and filter

Variety of Applications:

The AP360 can be used in various industries including scientific laboratories, dentists, doctors, ophthalmologists, chiropodists, care homes, gyms, hair salons, beauty salons, universities, schools, offices, hotels and much more.

Air purifier ap360
Filters:Pre-filter H13 (EN 1822)
UV radiation source:2 UV lamps, 55 W bactericidal, TU PL-L 55W UV-C
UV irradiance:156 uW/cm2/s at 1 m (Philips)
Radiation type:UV (λ = 253.7 nm)
UV lamp service life9000 h
Air flow:360 m3/h
D90 dose:280 J/m2
Timer:1 min ... 24 h, continuous
Noise level:max. 66 db
Dimensions (W x D x H):350 x 350 x 1050 mm
Weight:13,4 kg
Power supply:120/230 V, 50/60 Hz

Air purifier ap360

Grant Air Purifier ap360 AP360
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Air purifier

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