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Temperature meter testo 112, conformity-rated

High-precision temperature meter with PTB approval. Ideal for reliable and convenient temperature measurements in the food sector for food control. Both NTC and Pt100 probes can be connected to the sensor input. The temperature range of the meter depends on the temperature probe used.

  • Large, illuminated display
  • Acoustic alarm when limit values are exceeded
  • Individually adjustable limit values
  • Display and storage of min./max. values
  • Hold function
  • Measurement reliability thanks to integrated self-test

An optional printer can be connected to the meter to document the temperature values on site.
The conformity-rated temperature meter is approved for official control measurements in combination with conformity-rated Pt100 and NTC temperature probes.

Please order conformity-rated Pt100 and NTC temperature probes separately.

Scope of supply: Conformity-rated temperature meter, calibration protocol, 9 V block battery

Temperature meter testo 112, conformity-rated

Temperature meter testo 112, conformity-rated

Testo SE & CO Temperature measuring instrument testo 112 0560112801
PART NO.4AJ-4668518
Type||Min. temperature||Max. temperature||Temperature||Resolution °C||Accuracy||Sensor Ø||Length sensor||Sensor (ØxL)||Type of probe||No. of channels||Width mm||Depth mm||Height mm||Dimensions (WxDxH)||Weight g||Type of auxiliary energy||Power supply||IP code||Warranty||PK
testo 112|| || || ||0.100|| || || || ||Without||1||64||182||40||64 x 182 x 40 mm||186||Battery|| || || ||1
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