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BOD Measuring system OxiTop®-IDS for determination of soil respiration

BOD measurement system for all types of respirometric measurements, e.g. soil respiration, microbiological activity measurement, biogas determination as well as extended BOD measurement for the industrial waste water plants and further degradation tests in 3 selectable measuring types, BOD standard, BOD special and pressure.
With the proven Bluetooth® connectivity and the convenient operation via MultiLine® multi parameter instrument Multi 3620 IDS or Multi 3630 IDS. Using a Multi 3620 IDS or Multi 3630 IDS in BOD special mode the BOD measuring range extends to 400000 mg/l. For an already existing Multi 3620 or 3630 IDS, a firmware update is sufficient. Herewith beneath the OxiTop® applications also measurement of pH, conductivity, solved oxygen and turbidity are available. All heads can be used independently for routine BOD measurements from 1 to 7 days.

  • Bluetooth®connectivity
  • Direct calculation of all results in the meter
  • Representation of curves for monitoring
  • Parallel measurement of different examinations and methods
  • Export to data acquisition programs
Respirometric measuring system for 6 measuring heads for determination of aerobic soil respiration, OxiTop®-IDS B6M-2.5 acc. to AT4 guideline. These sets are suitable for forecast, survey and monitoring of clean-up operations as well as measurement of bio-degradation of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers for example.

Scope of supply:
OxiTop®-IDS B6: 6 measuring heads, 6 sample bottles PF45/500 (500 ml), 6 adapters OxiTop® AD/SK
OxiTop®-IDS B6M: as OxiTop®-IDS B6, but with 6 vessels MG 1,0 (1000 ml)
OxiTop®-IDS B6M-2.5: as OxiTop®-IDS B6M, but with 6 vessels MG 2,5 (2500 ml) and Soda-Lime CO2 absorbent

Please order CO2 absorber NHP 600 (9.303 403) separately.
The IDS multi parameter measuring instruments Multi 3620 IDS Set WL or Multi 3630 IDS Set WL are required. Please order separately.

BOD Measuring system OxiTop®-IDS for determination of soil respiration
Pressure range:500 ... 1250 hPa
BOD range:0 ... 4000 mg/l
Measurement period:0,5 h ... 180 d
Memory:360 values

BOD Measuring system OxiTop®-IDS for determination of soil respiration

OxiTop-IDS B6M-2.5
PART NO.X-209732
OxiTop®-IDS B6M-2.5||1

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