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Wilhelm Schroder Scoop Aluminium length 185mm 4279185

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Wilhelm Schroder Scoop Aluminium length 185mm 4279185
Wilhelm Schroder Scoop Aluminium length 185mm 4279185
PART NO. 4AJ-9201118
In Stock: 30
List Price: €1.63

Dispensing scoops, Aluminium

Product Specification:
Capacity: 105ml
Overall length: 185mm
Length Scoop: 113mm

ManufacturerWilhelm Schroder
Manufacturer P/n4279185
VGKL RefVG330008818
Fisher Ref9201118
VWR Ref231-0302
Search words

Dispensing scoops

Scoops dispensing

Thermo Fisher:9201118

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