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Brand Pipetting Aid Accu-Jet Blue 26300

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Brand Pipetting Aid Accu-Jet Blue 26300
Brand Pipetting Aid Accu-Jet Blue 26300
PART NO. 4AJ-9281090
In Stock: 1
Price: €389.00

For all pipets from 0.1 to 100ml

European 2 pin plug - Adapter supplied

Pipette controller accu-jet® pro

-Exceptionally sensitive meniscus control, even with low-volume pipettes
-Light weight (190g) and smoothly rounded grip ensure comfort and minimize fatigue
-Securely holds all pipettes from 0.1ml to 200ml
-Active vapour exhaust, check valve and filter help protect instrument from liquids and vapours
-Additional battery compartment cover (included) allows instrument to be inverted on the bench to avoid contamination of the pipette adapter.
-8 hours of continuous pipetting (with a 10ml pipette) on each charge; LED low-battery signal; instrument operates during recharge.

Items supplied: accu-jet® pro, incl. wall support, 2 membrane filters 0.2µm sterile, NiMH battery pack, 2 battery compartment covers, instruction manual and 100-240V 50/60Hz power supply unit for continental Europe.

Product Specification:
Product Description: accu-jet® pro, dark blue

Manufacturer P/n26300
VGKL RefVG274926500
Fisher Ref263000250
VWR Ref612-2625
Thermo Fisher:263000250

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