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Brand Ambassador of the Year

Serstech Brand Ambassador of the Year

Carl Stuart Group is wrapping up 2020 with great news! We have been awarded the “Serstech Brand Ambassador 2020”!

Brand Ambassador of the Year

This is a result of the effort from the Carl Stuart Team – Marketing, Sales and service activities, to promote our mission – Reliability to our customers.

Brand Ambassador of the Year

At Carl Stuart Group, we are proud to provide the following, along with our Quality Management Systems:

  • Technical Competence in our products and applications
  • Attention to the details and the customer requirements
  • Empathy with the customer’s needs and processes
Brand Ambassador of the Year

About Serstech

Brand Ambassador of the Year

Serstech is a young solutions-oriented company based in Lund, Sweden, offering solutions to maximise customers chemical intelligence. Through the use of its handheld Raman spectrometer and IT platforms, they provide a powerful tool for management, analysis, storage and sharing of chemical information.

The Serstech 100 Indicator Raman Spectrometer can identify more than 14,000 solid or liquid chemical substance within seconds. Easy to use, the device is insensitive to water and does not require the removal of samples from the container for detection, and it will not be destroyed or tampered.

The Serstech Arx Raman Spectrometer is a revolutionising instrument that has the SharpEyeTM to improve the signal quality dramatically. The Serstech Arx identifies unknown substances quickly and precisely. It can detect the difference between a container and the substance within, giving improved measurement results.

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