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Eco-Friendly Strategies for a Greener Laboratory

Climate change is an undeniable reality, and it's affecting our planet on a massive scale. One of the primary contributors to this global issue is the continuous release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by human activities. A lesser-known fact is that laboratories can consume up to ten times more energy than an average office, generate four times more water waste, and produce a staggering 5.5 tons of plastic waste annually.

Transitioning to a sustainable laboratory not only helps reduce your carbon footprint but also lowers long-term operational costs. It's in everyone's best interest to adopt environmentally-friendly practices in lab operations. Lab Unlimited is dedicated to providing a wide range of products and services that enable you to work more sustainably without sacrificing your daily workflow efficiency.

Go Green-5 Tips

Sustainable Lab Consumables: A Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Approach

Discover the benefits of sustainable lab consumables for both the environment and your budget. Explore reusable options, biodegradable and compostable alternatives, recycled materials, waste reduction programmes, and green cleaning practices.

In recent years, laboratories across the United Kingdom have been prioritising cost-effective and sustainable practices to minimise their ecological footprint. A crucial aspect of this endeavour is the use of eco-friendly lab consumables. We are highlighted five essential factors of sustainable laboratory consumables that offer financial advantages while supporting environmental preservation.

  • Reusable Consumables:

    Opting for reusable lab consumables instead of disposables not only promotes sustainability but also leads to significant long-term cost savings. By reducing waste, laboratories contribute to a greener environment. Examples of reusable consumables include glass beakers, flasks, and graduated cylinders. Invest in these durable alternatives to establish a more sustainable laboratory.

  • Biodegradable and Compostable Consumables:

    By utilising biodegradable and compostable lab consumables like pipette tips and petri dishes, laboratories can substantially reduce their environmental impact. These products naturally break down, minimising waste and lowering the lab's carbon footprint. Embrace these eco-friendly alternatives to support a greener future.

  • Recycled Lab Consumables:

    Purchasing lab consumables made from recycled materials is another effective way to promote sustainability. By using recycled materials, laboratories reduce their environmental impact and support the recycling industry simultaneously. Embrace the circular economy by opting for recycled lab consumables.

  • Waste Reduction Programmes:

    Implementing waste reduction programmes such as recycling and composting can significantly minimise laboratory waste and save on disposal costs. Properly segregating and disposing of waste allows laboratories to mitigate their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. Explore waste management strategies to make a positive difference.

  • Green Cleaning Practices:

    Adopting environmentally-friendly cleaning products and implementing a green cleaning programme can reduce the environmental impact of laboratory operations. Additionally, these practices improve the health and safety of laboratory staff. Green cleaning products are often biodegradable, non-toxic, and made from renewable resources, making them a more sustainable choice for laboratory maintenance. Make your laboratory cleaning routines eco-friendly and efficient.

Adopting cost-effective and sustainable laboratory consumables is a crucial step towards creating an eco-friendly and financially viable laboratory environment. By prioritising reusable, biodegradable, and recycled consumables, implementing waste reduction programmes, and embracing green cleaning practices, laboratories can significantly reduce their environmental impact. Start making a meaningful difference today by choosing sustainable lab consumables and contributing to a greener future.

Our selection of eco-conscious products focuses on:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Integrating features and functionalities that minimize energy consumption and reduce running times.

  2. Waste Reduction: Offering solutions that save water, utilize recycled materials, or are manufactured in resource-conscious facilities to minimize waste generation.

  3. Hazardous Material Reduction: Providing products that exclude ozone-depleting gases and other harmful substances.

  4. Sustainable Packaging: Emphasizing the use of recycled materials, minimal plastic, or even eliminating packaging altogether to reduce environmental impact.

  5. Long-term Cost-effectiveness: By decreasing water consumption or offering alternatives to single-use products, our solutions help reduce laboratory expenses over time.

Incorporate these sustainable solutions into your laboratory operations and join the movement towards a greener future. Together, we can make a difference and protect our planet for generations to come.

Analytical Testing & Measurement:

  • Pocket Balances

  • KERN's pocket balances prioritize environmental sustainability by incorporating an automatic turn-off feature that conserves energy and reduces power consumption. Additionally, these balances are packaged without any wasteful plastic coverings, further minimizing their environmental impact.

  • Hardness Measurement

  • KERN's hardness measurement products are designed to be environmentally conscious, with their automatic turn-off feature conserving energy and reducing overall power usage. Plus, these products are packaged without any wasteful plastic coverings or styrofoam, minimizing their environmental impact and reducing waste.

  • Precision Balances

  • KERN's precision balances are designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring an automatic turn-off function to conserve power. Additionally, these balances are environmentally conscious, as they are produced without any plastic coverings, resulting in minimal waste.

Cleaning & Sterilisation:

  • Concentrates for Ultrasonic Baths

  • Bandelin Electronic provides a collection of ultrasonic bath concentrates that are not only eco-friendly but also easily biodegradable, making them effortless to dispose of. This sustainable solution aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious products.

  • Brushes

  • Laboratory brushes crafted using natural hair, making them an eco-friendly choice that can be reused repeatedly. By opting for these sustainable brushes, you can help reduce waste and contribute towards a more environmentally conscious approach to research and experimentation.

Distillation, Separation, Filtration:

  • Benchtop Centrifuge

  • Eppendorf's benchtop centrifuge is designed with several eco-friendly features, including a fully recyclable aluminum rotor, an ECO shut-off compressor, and a FastTemp function that allows for pre-cooling with minimal energy consumption. These sustainable elements make it an environmentally conscious choice for your laboratory needs, while also ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

General Lab Consumables:

  • Burners

  • Burners are featuring a sheet metal housing that minimizes the use of plastic, while also being manufactured with self-produced electricity via a photovoltaic system. In addition, the packaging is made of recyclable cardboard and minimal plastic to reduce waste in the laboratory.

Heating & Cooling Technology:

  • Circulator Bath

  • Julabo's circulator bath is a highly cost-effective and sustainable solution that can significantly reduce your water usage by up to 99.9%. This eco-friendly feature makes it an ideal choice for laboratories that prioritize sustainability while maintaining high standards of performance.

  • Cooling Thermostats

  • Cooling thermostats designed with natural refrigerants, which not only conserves energy but also promotes a more sustainable approach to cooling. By opting for these eco-friendly cooling thermostats, you can help reduce your laboratory's carbon footprint while also enjoying energy-efficient performance.

  • Low and Ultra-low Temperature Freezers

  • Low and ultra-low temperature freezer is a highly energy-efficient solution that uses significantly less energy compared to other freezers available on the market. At the -70°C setpoint, it can save up to 36%, making it an ideal choice for laboratories that prioritize sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

  • Shaking Incubators

  • Shaking incubator is designed with peltier (thermoelectric) technology, which utilizes heating and cooling without compressors to reduce the release of harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere. This eco-friendly feature makes it an ideal choice for laboratories that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility.

  • Heating and Drying Incubators

  • Thermo Scientific's protocol oven is designed with environmental sustainability in mind, aimed at reducing its carbon footprint. These ovens are solvent-free, eliminating harmful waste and toxins, and are extremely energy-efficient. Additionally, they come in recycled packaging, further reducing the environmental impact of the product.

Liquid Handling:

  • Pipette Tips

  • Eppendorf offers a range of pipette tips that generate no plastic waste and can be reloaded, making them a sustainable choice for your laboratory needs. By refilling the boxes, these tips eliminate the need for single-use plastics, helping to reduce waste and promote environmental responsibility. Choosing these eco-friendly pipette tips is an excellent way to support sustainable practices in your laboratory while maintaining high standards of performance.

Laboratory Furniture:

  • Laboratory Chairs

  • Our chairs are designed and tested to ensure that they are free from harmful substances, providing a safe and healthy seating option for your laboratory. In addition, they meet multiple international standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, EMAS, and CSR Rating Evovadis Gold Level compliance. These chairs have also been awarded the 2020 seal of approval for sustainability and economy, and won the Baden-Württemberg Environmental Award in 2016. They are made with 95% recyclable materials and manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner, making them an excellent choice for laboratories that prioritize sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.

Stirring, Shaking & Mixing:

  • Orbital Shakers

  • Our orbital shaker is designed with sustainability in mind, featuring a housing made of sheet metal and no plastic, reducing the environmental impact of the product. Additionally, the packaging is made of recyclable cardboard with minimal plastic content, further reducing waste in the laboratory. The orbital shaker is manufactured using self-produced electricity through a photovoltaic system, minimizing the carbon footprint associated with its production.

  • Reciprocating Shakers

  • Reciprocating shaker is an eco-friendly solution for your laboratory needs, featuring a sheet metal housing with no plastic and a packaging made of recyclable cardboard with minimal plastic content. Additionally, it is manufactured using self-produced electricity through a photovoltaic system, minimizing the environmental impact of the product.

  • Roller Mixer

  • Roller mixer is an eco-friendly option for your laboratory needs, featuring a sheet metal housing with no plastic and a packaging made of recyclable cardboard with minimal plastic content. Additionally, it is manufactured using self-produced electricity through a photovoltaic system, reducing the carbon footprint associated with its production.

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