New OHAUS Adventurer Balance Upgrade Transforms Your Lab

Are you looking to optimise your laboratory operations? We are excited to announce the availability of the new software upgrade for the OHAUS Adventurer Analytical Balance.
This upgrade introduces a range of features and enhancements, revolutionising the way users obtain accurate and reliable results with their laboratory balances.


With the new three-level user management function, Bio-Pharma companies can now effortlessly print labels on sample bags for internal transactions. Seamlessly integrated with a Zebra printer and equipped with a built-in label printing template, this upgrade streamlines the entire process. Additionally, the software offers compatibility with MT-SICS and ST commands, enabling efficient weighing data collection from network suppliers like MES, LIMS, and PLC systems.

Here are what you can expect the Adventurer's 1.14 version software upgrade:

  • Creation of a three-level user management function to help prevent unauthorised access and data leakage.
  • Improved power-saving functions to increase energy efficiency when the balance is not in use.
  • Enhanced date and time settings, now including a second setting option.
  • Improved printing function with the addition of Batch Printing and Label Printing features
  • Enhanced data compatibility with MT SICS and ST commands

User Management Video Tutorial

Batch Printing Video Tutorial

Label Printing Video Tutorial

This software upgrade is available for all Adventurer electronic analytical balance models and can be effortlessly performed through your Adventurer laboratory balance. Experience the latest advancements and unlock new levels of accuracy and efficiency in your laboratory workflows.

Software Upgrade Video Tutorial

“We are always looking for ways to improve our products and make them easier for our customers to use,” said Clara Wu, Product Manager at OHAUS Corporation. “The new software upgrade for the Adventurer Balance line is just the latest example of our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.”

 Elevate your laboratory operations to new heights. Whether you are seeking to purchase a new analytical balance or upgrade your existing one, don't miss out on the revolutionary software upgrade for the OHAUS Adventurer Analytical Balance. Contact our dedicated sales team today to experience enhanced accuracy and efficiency. Get in touch with us now!

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