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Vaccine Storage:

According to the CDC, the storage of vaccines correctly is vital and there are some crucial steps that need to be followed when storing vaccines. All storage units should be big enough for the vaccines to be placed in the section of the unit best able to maintain constant, required temperature away from walls, coils, cooling vents, the ceiling, door, floor and the back of the unit.

With the recently available COVID-19 vaccines, there is a challenge on how to distribute these across the world due to the enormous number and the need to keep the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines at extremely low temperatures. The vaccines move back and forth from storage freezers to dry ice containers several times when being shipped around the world.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is shipped in packaging that cannot fit into existing racks that are used as the packaging box contains 195 vaccine vials that are an unusual shape to fit in most freezers’ internal dimensions.

Due to this, TENAK have introduced a solution to this packaging problem and have developed an all new racking system that can fit as many samples into a freezer while following CDC guidelines and gives easy access to the vaccines.

New Racking System:

TENAK’s aim was to make a rack that can hold the boxes that Pfizer/BioNTech supply directly so that the handling is as simple as possible and is suitable for the everyday use at the clinics that will distribute them.

Vaccine Storage

Upright Freezer Tray:

The Upright Freezer Tray is for the use of central storage of vaccines in any upright freezer model. It allows for free space of more than 230mm between the shelves and is made of anodized aluminium to keep the weight down. The tray inside is laser welded to make it rigid and long lasting with handgrips on the front and back along with a divider to keep the stacks separated when they are being carried in/out of the freezer.

The dimensions of this are 60x572x242mm (HxDxW).

Vaccine Storage

Chest Freezer Rack:

The Chest Freezer Rack is used for the storage of vaccines in any chest freezer model that is more than 510mm deep. It is also made of anodized aluminium to keep the weight down and is laser welded together to make it strong and rigid. It has three bars and handgrips at the top to help with safely carrying it in and out of the freezer.

The dimensions are 500x242x242mm (HxDxW).

Storage Capacity:

Vaccine Storage

TENAK also have racks available for all major freezer brands or models that are on the world market such as:

  • PCHBi MDF-U702 which holds a total of 45.744 vials
  • Binder UVF700 which holds a total of 39.336 vials
  • Thermo TSX700 which holds a total of 53.568 vials

This means that based on the system, TENAK can supply standardised solutions for any freezer brand or model on the market.

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