Batch Reactors

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Batch Reactors

Syrris provide the most complete range of Batch Reactors systems, on the market, that are specifically designed for use by chemists and chemical engineers. These batch chemistry systems cover manual and automated jacketed reactors for process development, pressure reactor systems to large scale Pilot systems. The Syrris batch reactor products include: Atlas Atlas HDOrb and Orb Pilot.

Batch Reactors

The Atlas can form a wide range of laboratory batch reactors that you can have manual or automated control of one or many reactions at any given time. Atlas has volumes ranging from 5 litres to 1ml in jacketed reactors, flasks, or vials.

The Atlas HD includes a range of automated jacketed reactors that are apart of the Atlas family. If you want to perform fast, scalable, and reproducible chemistry with advanced reaction control and multi-step automated recipes, the Atlas HD is the batch reactor for you.

The Orb is a bench-top batch jacketed reactor system that is compact, high quality and has an intuitive design at a more affordable price. It has rapid height adjustment with two clamp sizes to accommodate a wide range of vessel sizes from 100ml to 10L that can be interchanged quickly.

Are you looking for effortless scale-up chemistry? The Orb Pilot is what you need in your laboratory. This is a high-performance floor standing jacketed reactor system that is the most flexible and versatile reactor system at such a scale. You can choose from a base frame, lid, vessel kit and stirrer motor for the starter system to be built to your exact requirements! View more on the Orb Pilot.

Do your requirements fall outside the ranges mentioned? We can assist in designing and building a Custom Batch Reactor System  that meets all your specifications for chemistry reactions. Batch reactor systems from 100ml to 250 litres can be configured using virtually any of the manufacturers apparatus. Watch the Videos for more examples and configurations of the Syrris Batch Reactors.

For more information on building a Custom Batch Reactor System or about any of the Syrris Batch Reactors available, contact a member of our Sales Team today.


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