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Atlas Automated Batch Reactors

Atlas is a revolutionary range of modular products, which can form a wide range of lab reactors. Atlas offers manual or automated control of one or many reactions at a time with volumes from 5 litres to 1ml in jacketed reactors, flasks or vials.

Designed specifically for ease of use, all Atlas chemical reactors can be scaled in 3 ways: by volume, automation level, and number of reactions.

Extremely fast and easy to change configuration from one to another without tools. All of the systems are highly chemically resistant and automated synthesis can be controlled by the hardware or PC software.

Atlas reaction vessel systems can perform a range of processes including: reaction calorimetry, crystallization control,volumetric and gravimetric dosing, pH monitoring and control, high pressure applications, parallel systems and many more.

Main Features:

- Easy to use: Twist & click knob, large display and intuitive;

- Automated reactions without PC control: Set points, ramps or sophisticated profiles are all possible for reaction temperature and stirrer speed;

- Automatic data capture: All data such as temperatures and stirrer speed are logged in a .csv file and can be downloaded to a USB stick;

- Easy to upgrade to perform: Calorimetry, pH control, gravimetric or volumetric reagent addition, crystallizations, parallel reactions, etc;

- High performance stirring: 1200RPM magnetic or 800RPM powerful overhead stirrer;

- Quick: Everything clicks together quickly and easily without tools. Change vessels in under a minute.

Read more on the Atlas System and Watch the Video for an overview on the Atlas.

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