Hamilton ML600

An intuitive Touch Screen combined with Universal Valves and Bubble Free Prime Syringes combined with a Precision Syringe Pump allow precise Dispensing and Diluting applications with reliability and ease.

For Dual Syringe Models a simple Change of the Universal Valve configuration and some tubing allows the instrument to be easily configured as a Dual Dispenser, Dual Dispenser or Continuous Dispenser.

Main Benefits:
- 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
- One syringe type for all applications
- High precision and robust valves
- Innovative and flexible fluid logic
- New ML600 Syringe Type allows quicker priming and efficient solvent switching that eliminates dead volume
- Colour Touch Screen User interface with visual and real-time display of valve and syringe position

Applications: Forensics, Environmental Analysis, Mining, Manufacturing and many more!

What else can the ML600 do?

Take full advantage of your Hamilton ML600 Diluter, by pairing it with a PS-C Autosampler Station

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