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PS-C Series Sampler Station

Take full advantage of your Hamilton ML600 Diluter, by pairing it with a PS-C Autosampler Station.

By combining the two, you can turn your Automatic Diluter into an Auto Sampler, perfect for applications where sample size seems too small to automate but too big to cofindently accomplish by hand.

This system allows you to automatically and accurately perform dilutions and fillings, saving time and money.

The ML600 Diluter together with the PC-S Series Sample Station can be controlled by a user-friendly software to perform dilutions, standard additions, dilution series and serial or aliquot dispenses into vials, tubes or bottles..

- Better reproducibility

- Versatile: one installment can be used for several applications.

-Perfect for AAS, ICP, HPLC and photometric analytics - use this system for quality control, routine analysis, environmental analysis or R&D.

PS-C Series Sampler Stations are used for sample preparation in the field on analytical chemistry.

The PS-C series consists of 2 models with a working area for 2 or 4 standard racks. Combining with syringe and valve drives allows even complex applications to be possible. The devices are controlled by software commands via the serial interface.

Typical applications are injections, fraction collection, dilution, bottling, among others.

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Code Description Price Qty